YATA Winter School

The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia planned a project – YATA School for pupils in different regions with the aim to increase awareness about issues such as NATO, EU, human rights and national security. During the project, pupils were able to get theoretical and practical experience. Following the course, there were training in essay writing techniques. The goal was to develop analytical writing skills among pupils where they also learned how to make presentations and improve their public speaking skills.


YATA School – Day 2

15595935_1475159405830950_655472343_oThe project “YATA School” continues its seminars at Information Center on NATO and EU.The second-day lectures were related to the topics such as Washington agreement and NATO’s structure. 
Students were informed by the executive director of YATA in Georgia Rati Bakhtadze.The project is held by joint partnership whit Information Center on NATO and EU and YATA Georgia.

Yata School

15493833_1801596679877451_7170869083342347173_oThe project “YATA School” for students has started at Information Center on NATO and EU. During 2 weeks, seminars on NATO and NATO-Georgia cooperation will be held for participants of the school. Matter of discussion is diverse. It includes such issues as NATO’s history, goals and objectives, structure, NATO-Georgia relations and the importance of the European integration process, NATO’s maritime and land security policy, and so forth. School of YATA is opened by the deputy director of Informacion Center Giorgi Fareshishvili and executive director of YATA Gerogia Rati Baxtadze. More