The U.S. presidential elections and its impact on NATO

%e1%83%9b%e1%83%9d%e1%83%9a%e1%83%9d%e1%83%93%e1%83%98%e1%83%9c%e1%83%94%e1%83%91%e1%83%98-%e1%83%95%e1%83%90%e1%83%a0%e1%83%a8%e1%83%90%e1%83%95%e1%83%98%e1%83%a1-%e1%83%a1%e1%83%90%e1%83%9b%e1%83%98The country’s foreign policy equally depends on the internal political, economic and social processes, as well as, on the international environment, whether on a regional or global level. For every democratic society, elections are essential allowing citizens to assess the domestic and foreign policy of the past years and decide whether to support previous political force or choose a new path. More