The role of Euro-Atlantic Integration in shaping Georgian Foreign Policy and its influence to Armenia and Azerbaijan

CaucasusThe purpose of the policy brief is to describe the successful factors of the Euro-Atlantic integration policy in shaping Georgian foreign policy. The second part of the paper will examine the influence of Georgia’s integrated Foreign Policy on Armenia and Azerbaijan. I would like to examine what kind of influence can Georgia’s newly Westernized policy have on Armenia and Azerbaijan. Georgia has become a more pro-Western strategic state and has been striving for membership of Euro-Atlantic Alliance among other neighboring countries in the South Caucasus. The state’s pro-Western stance and desire to join EU and NATO is against Russian Empire and its foreign policies. The Georgian government is eager to join NATO, mentioning that they don’t have other alternative choices.

Georgia is a member of Eastern Partnership and a priority country of the European Neighborhood Policy. Still, EU continues to support Georgia’s efforts to become a member of the EU. And, at the same time the country is actively involved in the integration process to NATO and reveals its desire to become a member to the North Atlantic Alliance. Presently, Georgia has chosen the way of becoming a member of EU and NATO in order to enhance its capacities through Western values. More