Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

 On 10-13th of  June 2017, Lithuanian  Minister of Foreign affairs Linas Linkevičius had an official visit in Georgia. Throughout the visit, a meeting with students and members of youth non-governmental organizations, including YATA Georgia, was held at Information Center on NATO an EU. More


4Latvia, similar to Lithuania and Estonia, gained the independence in 1991. After 13 years, in 2004, it became a member of the EU and NATO. On its path to international recognition, Latvia overcame quite a big bunch of obstacles: the Ministry of Defense was formed; the draft of mandatory military service was created to establish new Latvian forces. One of the biggest challenges included Russian military troops refusing to leave the country. More

The Prospects for NATO and EU Military Cooperation

Historical Background

NATO and the EU share common strategic interests. In a spirit of complementarity, both organizations consult and work together to prevent and resolve crises and armed conflicts. The decision to cooperate on security issues goes back to 24 January 2001 when the NATO Secretary General and the EU Presidency exchanged letters defining the scope of cooperation and the modalities of consultation between the two organizations. Cooperation has accelerated ever since. More