Final debates – 2017

On the 26th of  March 2017 Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia (YATA Georgia) organized final round of debates tournament in Karl Popper debate format. The main topic of the debate was “Rising nationalism and European security”, with the resolution  ” European security should be strengthened due to the increased Neo-Nazism”.


Debates on NATO issues

cover-mestia-atestaciaThe project seeks to create, organize and institutionalize a debating tournament, in which the project participants will put their newly acquired skills and experience into direct and active participation in successive semi- and final rounds of debating with the incentive of a tournament grand prize and runner-up prizes.

The developed format is distinguished from the other debate formats. It provides the participation of the whole group all day long and it is not just a contradistinction between two participants. The participants “check” the knowledge of affirmative and contradictious sides of the two speakers, particularly they can ask questions, for which they receive points. This format provides activity and involvement of all 16 participants throughout the day.
The participants will prepare the given three general topics on NATO issues in advance, but the debates will be about sub-topics of those main three topics. There will be total of 8 sub-topics, hence to the fact that there are 16 participants. The participants will not know what topics they will get, this will be possible only during the debating tournament.

Training in Abkhazia Public school #3


First training of a project “Debates for Internally Displaced Persons” took place in Vova Vekua Public School №3. The project is supported by Minister of Education and Culture of A/R Abkhazia. Secondary school students received information about YATA’s work, a history of NATO, its development and missions. Other important topics were development of NATO-Georgia relationship and future perspectives. Students also got the information about the art of reframing political debates as well.