South Caucasus NATO Summer School

NATO Summer School_YATA GeorgiaThe Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia launches South Caucasus NATO Summer School “Peace and Security” for young leaders from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
With goal of connecting young and motivated generation interested in NATO, regional and international security and cooperation, it is essential to provide a platform for young people to meet, exchange their views and learn new invaluable knowledge that they can share in their communities.

The project goal is to organize a meeting of Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani young leaders by bringing them together for 4 days. During this period of time, they will deepen their understanding of NATO’s principles and missions, broaden their knowledge about NATO’s policies and international security, understand what is its role in South Caucasus and how can Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia work together in order to achieve peace in the region and most importantly, to guarantee security from the outer threats in the future. Furthermore, the project will enable young leaders to establish a strong network that will enable a future regional cooperation between young people. Participants will be able to share the knowledge they gained about NATO with their friends on different events and involve more youngsters in the process of integration into and cooperation with NATO after returning to their countries.

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