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Executive Organ of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Georgia consists from six members. These are: Chief Executive Director, Secretary General, Deputy Executive Director, Chief Communications Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, and Chief Information (IT) Officer. Each is conferred a mandate with a duration of one year, and as a result on YATA General Assembly new candidates are annually presented. Afterwards, they are elected and then appointed to the respective position among the Executive Board offices. Only YATA-Georgia members are eligible to vote.

Each member from the Executive Board has an allocated team. Also, there are members of the organization who do not belong to any particular grouping. Usually like with the Executive Board, they are admitted annually, in the beginning of that year, although the so called ‘’call’’ for new members can occur more than once throughout the year.

In the same manner as with any position of the executive board, anybody willing to contend for the team or member candidateship, can send his/her CV and motivation letter. Candidates are approved based on personal interviews. Information about membership call is available on our webpage, as well as on our Facebook page.

Please keep in mind that association membership is grounded on the principles of volunteerism, which means that members won’t enjoy any financial benefits.

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