Atlantic Council of Georgia
YATA-Georgia closely cooperates with Atlantic Council of Georgia. In 2013 this cooperation was even more straightened through a various projects of Atlantic Council in which YATA Georgia’s members were involved. For example, explaining to Georgian public why country needs NATO, what does the collective security mean, etc.

    • Chairman: Vasil Sikharulidze
    • Executuve Director: Giorgi Muchaidze
    • Head of Administration: Eka Sharashidze
    • Adress : 8, Jurkha Nadiradze str,0186, Tbilisi, Georgia
    • Tel: +995 570 105251
    • Email:

საქართველოს ატლანტიკური საბჭო – Atlantic Council of Georgia


Information Centre on NATO and EU



NATO Liaison Office in Georgia
NATO Liaison Office is one of the main partners of YATA Georgia, which actively supports carrying out of the planned discussions.

  • Head of the NATO Liaison Office in Georgia, NATO/PFP Liaison Officer in South Caucausus : Mr William Lahue
  • Deputy Head: Kristina Baleisyte
  • Address: 162, Tsinamdzgvrishvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Tel: +995 (32) 293 38 01
  • E-mail:


Ministry of Education and Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

  • Address: 68, Uznadze Str., 0102, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Tel/Fax: +995 32 2950752 
  • Web-page:
  • Email:


Become a partner

YATA – Georgia has been organizing events like discussions, debates, etc. for years. During these years YATA – Georgia has successfully co-operated with several partners including The Information Centre on NATO and EU, NATO’s Liaison Office, Atlantic Council of Georgia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and others and we would like to mention that those partnerships are still strengthening as well.

We would like to express our sheer will to collaborate with any organisation that would like to participate or help organize any event and shows motivation to work in partnership with YATA – Georgia.

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