“Women’s Involvement in the Military Field and Gender Equality”

On November 20, the seventh meeting of the project “Women, Peace, Security” was held, chaired by Major Zoya Kurtanidze.

Ms. Zoya has many years of experience in defense and security. Since 2007 he has been serving in various positions in the Defense Forces. He is also a participant in the 2008 war, having twice participated in peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan. He has taken numerous courses both abroad and in Georgia. Notable among them are the US Personnel Management course, as well as the Gender Advisor course in Sweden, and so on. I have a TSU Master’s Degree in Gender Studies. She is currently the Gender Advisor to the Gender Equality Monitoring Group at the Ministry of Defense. In addition, he is a career manager at the Military Personnel Management Center of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense.

The topic of the meeting was: “Women’s Involvement in the Military Field and Gender Equality”

During the meeting, the Major spoke about the differences between gender and gender, the importance of gender equality, referred to Resolution 1325, spoke about the legislation in Georgia in terms of gender, the challenges that a military woman may face, shared her experience in this regard. These issues aroused great interest among the participants and the meeting was held in question-answer mode.

The aim of the project “Women, Peace and Security” is to improve the critical thinking of young girls, to raise awareness about current political and military issues. Meetings within the project will be conducted by experts in the field of conflict and security.

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