“Cyber ​​Security”

On November 19, the sixth meeting of the project “Women, Peace, Security” was held, chaired by Salome Mikiashvili.

Ms. Salome is a representative of the Cyber ​​Security Bureau, Senior Specialist in Information Processing and Analysis.

The topic of the meeting was: “Cyber ​​Security”.

At the meeting, he spoke about the essence of cyber security, the challenges in the field of defense, viruses and various types of spyware, as well as the importance of advertising and how a user can be infected with this or that malware. He talked about such issues as social engineering, forms of internet fraud (Phishing) and so on. These issues aroused great interest among the participants and the meeting was held in question-answer mode.

The aim of the project “Women, Peace and Security” is to improve the critical thinking of young girls, to raise awareness about current political and military issues. Meetings within the project will be conducted by experts in the field of conflict and security.

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