“Women, Peace, Security” for school students

The project of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia (YATA Georgia) “Women, Peace, Security” for school students has been completed.

The project “Women, Peace and Security” aims to improve critical thinking in young girls, raise awareness of current political and military issues

The project included three stages:
I – Lecture-seminars
II – Preparation of analytical essays
III – Concluding Conference

The final stage of the project was held on December 11: Conference

The members of the conference jury were:

Tamar Jibladze
Nino Ivanelashvili
Tamar Bibichadze
Alisa Ovesov
Nia Turashvili
Four best papers were revealed at the conference:

Christine Surmava. Topic: “The role of cyber security in the national security of Georgia. Challenges and Recommendations “
Salome Chitaishvili. Topic: “Resolution 1325, its importance in gender equality and the peace process”
Mariam Basilashvili. Topic: “NATO and Georgia, NATO Missions in Georgia” Mariam Tsiklauri. Topic: “Georgia as an ancient state carrying European values”
The winners of the conference received Biblical vouchers as a symbolic gift from YATA Georgia (50, 40, 20-20)

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