“French-Georgian relations”

On November 8, the tenth meeting of the Diplomacy Week was held, chaired by Mr. Diego Colas.

Since 2019, he has been the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to Georgia. Mr. Diego Colas has many years of diplomatic experience in state structures or international organizations, both in Georgia and in the United Kingdom, Algeria, France, etc.

The topic of the meeting was: “French-Georgian relations”,

During the meeting, he spoke about the close cooperation between the two countries in military, political, economic, cultural, educational, air defense, etc. In the direction of. During the conversation, he mentioned the role of France as a country cooperating in bilateral (Europe-Georgia and France-Georgia) cooperation. includes. He also expressed readiness to support European aspirations towards Georgia. The mentioned meeting aroused quite a lot of interest in the audience and many questions were asked. Their questions were mainly related to topics such as: military cooperation, joint exercises and military education; French support for future training plans for Sachkhere Mining Training School with relevant equipment and instructors; Positive aspects and evaluations of France as a NATO member country after joining the organization; French universities and educational opportunities; Sharing the ambassador’s diplomatic experience and more.

The project “Diplomacy Week” is dedicated to the Day of Georgian Diplomacy, which is celebrated on November 3. Meetings will be held within the project by Georgian and foreign diplomats.

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