”NATO Summit 2021 Spring Session”

The Youth Atlantic Treaty Youth Association of Georgia (Yata Gerogia) organized the project “NATO Summit 2021 Spring Session”

The project included both theoretical and practical formats.

Lectures-seminars for the selected participants were conducted by the invited speakers:

  • Olga Spirand – Head of the Interagency Coordination Division in the Department of NATO Integration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Giorgi Bilanishvili – Researcher at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies.
  • Shota Utiashvili – Researcher of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies.
  • Rati Bakhtadze – General secretary of YATA Georgia; Invited Lecturer at Tbilisi State University in the field of International Public Law;
  • Tariel Sikharulidze – Associate Professor, Researcher in International Relations and Security of Political Science.

On June 20, the practical part of the project of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia (YATA Georgia), “NATO Summit – Spring Session 2021” was implemented. The International Black Sea University (IBSU) hosted the award ceremony. For the summit, participants prepared by country and presented a national position on a realistic international crisis. Delegates assessed the crisis from a national perspective, taking into account national security interests and priorities; They put forward proposals for resolving the conflict and developed a joint communiqué.
During the project, the participants learned about the role of NATO in the process of ensuring world security, as well as the principles of NATO work and geopolitical interests.
The simulation process was organized by the
General Secretary of the Summit Rati Bakhtadze and members of the organization – Luka Danelia and Aneta Samkharadze.

After completion of the project, the outstanding participants were awarded symbolic prizes from partner companies:

  • Youth Georgian Atlantic Treaty Association offered an internship program to 3 distinguished participants;
  • Publishing houses Bendes and Remedas presented books to the 5 best participants;
  • National Geographic Georgia distributed its magazines to all participants;
  • Travel agency DGL has organized a one-day tour for two of the best students in any location in Georgia;
  • The Museum of Illusions presented tickets to 4 distinguished participants;
  • The Law Association offered law training courses to 2 students;
  • Cambridge Education House awarded 3 students a 50% discount voucher for the desired course;
  • Finally, Cafe “Cafune” hosted the completion of the project with its own products

YATA Georgia once again thanks the sponsors of the NATO Summit for their support.

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