YATA Winter School

The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia planned a project – YATA School for pupils in different regions with the aim to increase awareness about issues such as NATO, EU, human rights and national security. During the project, pupils were able to get theoretical and practical experience. Following the course, there were training in essay writing techniques. The goal was to develop analytical writing skills among pupils where they also learned how to make presentations and improve their public speaking skills.

YATA-School was a two-week program for students. The project was held online via Zoom.
• From 22 February to 8 March – Informational Meetings
• From 7 March to 13 March – Essay writing
• 14 March – Presentation.

YATA-Georgia is an independent, non-government organization, it supports the integration of Georgia into Euro-Atlantic structures and is actively involved in spreading relevant information about NATO among youth. Increasing awareness on the protection of human rights and on the protection of the rule of law is of the utmost importance for the association. The association is eager to support youth engagement in educational events.

The aim of this course was to help students to acquire even more knowledge about these issues than they had before and in return, the association is very motivated to listen to student’s opinions about very important issues for the future of the country.

At the end of the course, all students presented group presentations on the above-mentioned topics of their choice. This course helped them to improve critical thinking skills and in adopting communication skills.

Participation in the course was free and all students received a certificate (in Georgian and in English) upon completion.

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