Defend yourself in an Emergency

YATA Georgia and the Emergency Management Service held events related to the Civil Defense Day on March 1 (a public lecture) and March 4 (theoretical-practical training) .

The aim of our project was to raise public awareness about civil defense and to ensure the safety of citizens in crisis situations.

On March 1, at 16:00 a public lecture was held, which was conducted by the representative of the Emergency Management Service Teimuraz Melkadze.

The public lecture was about the essence of civil defense and the history of its development in Georgia, the emergencies typical for the country and the general aspects of their management. We talked about international and normative acts which regulate civil security, as well as Georgia’s cooperation with international organizations(NATO, EU and others) in the same field. A public lecture was held in the Information Center on NATO and EU

On March 4, at 12:00, a theoretical-practical lesson was held at the Tbilisi Sea Rescue Base,

where the selected candidates:

-Got acquainted with the rules of behavior in various emergencies (fire, earthquake, landslide, flood, etc.);

-Demonstrated prehospital medical care and exercise;

-Demonstrated bringing the victim down from a height with a rescue triangle and practice;

▪ Inspected hydraulic and mechanical rescue devices and learned the rules of their use in practice;

▪ Learned the rules of getting the victim out of the car correctly during the accident, etc.

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