Capacity Building Program for the candidates of YATA-georgia was launched

On February 22, 2016, the training program in capacity Building for the candidates of Youth Atlantic Treaty Association was launched at the NATO liaison office in Georgia that was organized by the YATA-Georgia.  The first training highlighted the key trends in grants proposal writing, grant seeking and identifying donor priorities. The presenter of the course was the Founder and Director of the Career and Recourse Development Centre (CRDC) – Tamar Gogadze.


National Defence Supreme Course

12342407_1546341295402992_427381826441992948_nA Representative of YATA Georgia, Tamar Jibuti participated in National Defence Supreme Course, organized by National Defence Academy of Georgia and NATO Professional Development Program.

Participants discussed the new wave of Terrorism and its impact on Georgia, Integration process in the west structure and Rule of law.

Training In Kutaisi

12314734_785408264903655_7395669105552459933_oRepresentatives of YATA-Georgia Luka Mgeladze and Tamuna Jibuti took part in the meeting in Kutaisi, organized by Center for Crime Prevention in the framework of the youth program “Liderta Sakhli” on 6th of December, 2015.

Topics of the discussion were NATO and Georgia’s relation, reality and perspectives.

Become a member of YATA Georgia

yata-300x300Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Georgia announces acceptance of new members.
If you are:
A student at school, university or younger than 30 years motivated, active and creative;
You include, that Georgia should become a member of EU and NATO and would like to take part in the process;
You want to become a member of an More