NATO ARW – November 26 – Panel 2


NATO ARW Panel 2 – Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection from Terrorist Attacks, Vandalism, Sabotage and Criminal Activity.
This session identified the consequences of terrorist attacks, sabotage and espionage on Critics Energy Infrastructure with a specific focus on pipelines and electrical grids.

Moderator Lt. Col. Nicholas Henry (Deputy Director, NATO ENSEC COE) opened Panel 2.

Speakers of the second panel were:

Mr. Heiki Jakson – Strategic Analysis and Research Division Subject Matter Expert, NATO ENSEC COE;

Mr. Kujtim Proseku – Head of Electrical Department, IfraTransProject;

Dr. Nadejda Komendantova-Coordinator of Risk Governance Group Risk, Policy and Vulnerability Program-International Institue for Applied Systems Analysis-IIASA.

NATO ARW – November 26 – Panel 1


NATO ARW is officially open.

Mr. Giorgi Muchaidze (Executive Director of Atlantic Council of Georgia) gave a welcoming speech.

Moderator Mr. Jason Wiseman (Secretary General Designate, ATA) opened
Panel 1-Critical Infrastructure Protection with a Focus on Energy Security: The International Framework, Existing Criteria and Impact on Society.

Speakers of the first panel were:

Mr. Alessandro Niglia – Co-Director NATO SPS ARW, ATA;

Dr. Col. Metodi Hadji Janev – Vice Dean for Education and Research, Military Academy, General Mihailo Apostolski;

Mr. Hovhannes Nikoghsyan-Adviser to Director, Public Relations and Information Center of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Armenia;

Mr Antons Kurjuns-Head of Department, Latvian Transmission Operator System;

Mr. David Koranyi-Director, Eurasian Energy Center Futures Initiative at Atlantic Councils.



On November 25-28th The Atlantic Treaty Association and the Atlantic Council of #Georgia will host a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on critical infrastructure protection, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The ARW is financed by NATO SPS Programme with the aim of providing high-level discussions and information sharing, in order to find solutions for today’s emerging #energy #security challenges. The workshop will feature panels on the role of international organizations, public and private stakeholders in energy security; #terrorism and its implications for energy #infrastructure security and #cyber threats to critical energy infrastructures.

Experts are to discuss a wide range of threats and risks that can compromise energy infrastructure networks, such as terrorist attacks and cyber threats. These risks affect both NATO Allies and partners alike, since countries are often connected by energy infrastructure networks that are of crucial importance for our energy supply.

To highlight the lasting impacts of an attack on energy infrastructure, the workshop will provide the participants with a case study: Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), widely valued as an important contribution to diversify European energy supply as it represents the most direct connection for transportation of natural gas from the Caspian Sea to European markets. The case study provides a valuable opportunity for collaborative efforts between NATO and Partner countries to enable the stable flow of energy resources. The workshop furthermore aims to generate numerous ideas and best practices in enhancing prevention and resilience in this field in order to collect and present concrete recommendations.

Internship in analytical Department

Analytical Department of Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA – Georgia) announces acceptance on interns for Social and Political studies and International Relations students, who would like to widen their knowledge and gain experience in this area. Focus mostly will be on Security Politics in context of NATO, but we will not only cover NATO-Georgia relationship and dynamic, but we also take responsibility to publish the best articles.

1) Basic English knowledge;
2) Skills of Academic writing and experience of writing articles (Candidates with these skills will have priority);
3) Skills of analyzing International and Security Politics;
4) Acceptance in academic conferences of relative themes (Candidates with the experience will have priority).

Candidates interested in internship, please, send a Cover Letter (In Cover Letter it should be mentioned about which theme you would like to work on and also general outline of the first “article” in case of acceptance) and CV. Selected candidates will be interviewed and in case of successfully completion, candidates will be accepted as an internship.

Deadline of registration is November 28.

Send us your CV and motivation letter at

Good luck!

Training in Abkhazia Public school #3


First training of a project “Debates for Internally Displaced Persons” took place in Vova Vekua Public School №3. The project is supported by Minister of Education and Culture of A/R Abkhazia. Secondary school students received information about YATA’s work, a history of NATO, its development and missions. Other important topics were development of NATO-Georgia relationship and future perspectives. Students also got the information about the art of reframing political debates as well.

NATO – Wales Summit Outcomes


YATA-Georgia has organized discussion at NATO Liaison Office on October 1st 2014. The main topic of discussion was:  “Wales Summit Outcomes”. The speakers were:

  • Mr. William Lahue – Head of NATO Liaison Office in Georgia;
  • Mr. Alex Petriashvili – State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration
  • Mr. Irakli Mchedlishvili- member of the Civil Council on Defense and Security.

Each of the speakers was given 15-20 minutes to make their speeches. They spoke about the main points that were discussed on Wales summit:

  • Topic about NATO partnership: the point that NATO is keen on making new contacts and increasing the partnership level for Georgia and other post-soviet countries.
  • The importance of NATO package given to Georgia as a new member of NRF
  • Topic about Afghanistan: The contribution of Georgian soldiers to NATO in Afghanistan
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • Overview of Georgia’s position in NATO and future plans

Speakers summarized Wales Summit outcomes and emphasized that Georgia has an obvious potential to become a member of NATO. It was mentioned a crucial fact about Georgia being an only country out of aspirant countries which received a substantive package with the information that Georgia became a part of NRF(NATO Response Force). As Mr. Petriashvili said Georgia is considered at the same level as Sweden and Australia. He thanked to our soldiers who are the best representatives in Afghanistan, best representatives for the country’s international image.

One of the main topics of the discussion also was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. NATO will have to make fast actions if Russia keeps invading other country’s territories like it happened in Georgia and Ukraine. As Mr. Lahue mentioned NATO will refocus on defense, on the vulnerabilities of one of the most important partners such as Georgia and Finland.

The discussion has been attended by students from various universities. They also had an opportunity to ask the speakers interesting questions and get exhaustive responds from them.

YATA Georgia is also planning to organize similar discussions and other events in the immediate future.